How to guide: Use Mgcamd with CCcam and Newcs

This guide shows how to use MgcamD with CCCAM & NewCS. Covers setup and adding C and N lines. The examples shows a Azbox but this guide will work on other Enigma & Enigma 0 based linux satellite receivers (Dreambox Dm500S, Eagle Box, Vu+, Azbox, Spiderbox etc.).

plijade dreambox cardsharing enigma2 image cline nline guide This is some information about how to add C & N lines to mgcamd.
This particular post will refer to its use for the Azbox, but can be adopted to use with other receivers using Enigma and Enigma2.
The location of the files will depend on the image you use. In linux they will be in /var/keys or /usr/keys or something similar.
For the Azbox, all files will be found in the folder /PLUGINS/OpenXCAS/mgcamd which makes things extremely simple and is why I selected that receiver.

There are 0 important files needed for sharing:


To allow mgcamd to share from both CCcam and Newcs, you must ensure that in the file mg_cfg, you edit the settings for the value of G: { x }

Settings are cumulative, you sum the values of the emus you want to connect to.. Have a quick look, but don’t dwell on it.

Set G: { 03 }

Simple so far? it gets easier..

Edit cccamd.list and paste in a C-line as normal e.g.

C: myfriend.dyndns.com 02000 myname mypass

close and save.

Edit newcamd.list

You may see something like:


leave that alone..

If someone gives you an N-line like this
N: myfriend.dyndns.com 05000 myname mypass 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 00 01 02 03 04

add it to the end of the newcamd.list like this:

CWS= myfriend.dyndns.com 05000 myname mypass 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 00 01 02 03 04 server1

Close and save

Restart mgcamd.

You can now connect to the servers, with the added bonus for the Azbox of being able to download the mgcamd keys directly from our server and have Bulsat etc. working as well.

That’s about it.



  1. tdsa says:

    Hey guys i have a pli jade 0 image on a dm500s box, its connected to
    internet and can get a nu,ber of channels i think FTA ones , but sky
    uk channels and others do not appear .

    Please advise what i can do and check and read on or steps

    I have checked the cccam its ver 0.2.1 but it hink may be the
    cccam.cfg file that needs editing but am stuk there on what to do and
    where to get some edits or c C-line i think.

    Please Help I’m loosing my hair.

    I await your response, Thanks all.

    1. DrF says:

      Hi, did you get any kind of so called “gift” with the box?
      If not I think you need to find a C line, or someone to share access to there server with you and provide the correct details. Or find a pay as you go server.
      Any more info you can give would help :)

      PS: Also noticed PLI Jade needs rebooting a few times on some boxes to actually get going, not sure why.

  2. gabi says:

    i have az box premium hd
    please help my with a guide of what firmware i need and how to install it and everything else i need to instal a cc cam and the c lines inside

  3. James says:


    What is the diference between card sharing and softcam keys.

    I am confused with the two terms.

    Cause I have a dreambox 000s and need to load the keys.

    I have tried uplaoding EMU’s like CCcam, Mgcamd, Newcs but no success.

    Can you help please?


    1. DrF says:

      A good question :)

      A “softcam” is a peice of software (or in some cases a firmware) which emulators the cam (conditional access module) that would have been needed to decode transmission, it basically emulates its functions, some will also emulate the entire card and protection systems such as for example the Nagra 0 softcams of old, they would emulate correctly (well enough) the calls and answers from the provider which in turn would give you access to the programming.

      Card sharing is basically where you have 0 receiver with a legitimate access card (Sky, Canal, Nova, Tring, Polsat etc.) which then shares out the correct data (keys, info, teirs etc.) to other boxs its connected to. Think of it as a plug socket where you have 0 socket and a extenstion with 0 on and your pretty close to the basic idea of what card sharing is.

      There are some articles buried in the site with bigger, longer and well more boring explanations.

      Now as for you uploading the emulators you really only need CCCam and a Cline from a card sharing service from somewhere.

      If you are trying to upload keys to a softcam can you will need to find a online list somewhere of the latest keys which is going to depend on what your trying to get.

  4. James says:


    Thanks for the above info.

    I need some help on how to setup softcam keys.

    In kuwait I have Hotbird on 03E and Nilesat of 0W.

    I purchased DM500S locally and it had all these channels (FTA and PAY)working unitl 0 weeks ago when I had to Flash it cause it started to freeze.

    The DM500S was pre-configured with Mgcamd configured.

    I just started to research about this stuf a few weeks ago and still learning.


    1. DrF says:

      Is you box connected to a internet connection at all?

      It sounds like you may have been sold a preconfigured card sharing setup (MGCamD is used in card sharing so thats why im thinking)

      If the box just started to freeze up but still had the channels then the problem would most likly be with the card sharing server (or connection to it), which is why again I think you have a card share setup.

      Any other info that may help us figure out the problem post it up :)

  5. James says:

    Yes its connected to the internet through DSL router.

    so if what you are saying is true then I should try and setup the DM500S with Mgcamd Card sharing server.

    Thanks for your support.


  6. buttcable says:

    plz give n line

    1. DrF says:

      Not quite sure who you want to give you a Nline as far as I am aware no one here is offering card sharing services, servers & setups.

  7. Matt says:

    Does any of you know wether you can use card sharing on a cable box like dm500c using cccam etc or if it only works on sattelite boxes.

    1. DrF says:

      Yes, that is possible depending on your card sharing servers setup (who is providing the Cline) or doing it your self. There is some info here, but most of it is usuable for both satellite & cable. You can get receivers with dual or triple tuners (satellite, cable, terrestial) and it is possible with some boxs to plug in different tuners again to change services so your in luck :)

  8. Matt says:

    Hello is it possible for you to provide me with some more info on how this would be possible, as i have been struggling to get it to work the last couple of days. I have a sattelite box upstairs a dm500s one, and the guy who sold me the N line for card sharing told me i could use it for 0 boxes, so i tried using it on the dm500c cable one but no signal at all.. Dont know wether i am using the wrong cardshare server or not, any help would be appreciated.

    1. DrF says:

      Hi, I think the problem you are having is because 0 of your boxs is a DM500S a satellite box and the other box a DM500C a cable box.

      The line will be for one or the other, you could have 0 satellite boxs or 0 cable boxs sharing 0 Nline if setup right, however in your case I think they are different boxs from the info you posted. You will most likely find your Nline is for a satellite card sharing service of some sort (Sky, Canal, Polsat, Nova etc.) and not cable (NTL, Telewest, Cable & Wireless, Virgin Media).

      They are 0 very different systems both have different equipment, encryptions, cards, service providers etc.

      So just check what boxs you have and post that up :)

  9. Matt says:

    Yeah your right, my dm500c box is connected to NTL. I got to the point where i am able to get all the channels onto my dreambox using the automatic transponder scan. As far as i can tell it has pretty much the same channels as my sattelite box upstairs that is turned to 08.2E. But the only difference is that on the cable box only the freeview channels seem to work, the other channels like sky etc are just black. I need to know what addon i need etc. And where i could buy a c or n line for cable.

  10. DrF says:

    Glad we got that partly sorted out :)

    Yeah I dont think theres much difference between Virgin Medias and Skys channel listings really, only + I can think of off hand using the Sky system is the huge amount of Freesat channels also being broadcast from 08.8E I think theres over 000 now and some are actually quite good for free (kids chans, movies, news, music)

    Finding a decent card sharing service provider for cable will be a bit of a task (ask your current sat provider they may or may know someone), if you can use 0 satellite boxs on your current Nline (check with your provider again just in case) I would see if I could swap/trade/part ex. the cable box with someone for a satellite one and use that I don’t think it will be worth the extra costs and outlay to you (monthly sub cost etc.) or put it on eBay/Gumtree and use the cash to get another DM500S and a Quad LNB to save cash on expensive splitters/switching gear.

    Such as :


    If you advise me more on what you want to do and what equipment you have I can advise you better :)

    PS: Dm500S seem to be going for about £50-£60 new here :


  11. Kidcreole says:

    Follow the link below, purchase box + free gift for 05 euros.

    The free gift is your line and the box is already set up (plug and play)


  12. morote77 says:

    i received 0 n:lines from a mgcamd server, i saw above the way you explained how to paste 0 n line, do i have to paste the line one by one starting by cws and ending by server1,2,3 and 0, ’cause this is what i’ve done but it’s not working. and is there a way to check if a N LINE is actif
    best regards

  13. Haris says:

    I did all above (Vu+ Duo2 with OpenPLi 0 + mgcamd 0.38c) but I can see no channels. Do I have to also have CCcam installed when puting clines to cccamd.list for mgcamd?

    I tried also with CCcam. From CCcam webinterface I can see that it connects but I can see no channels. When I tried with Blackhole evereything was OK.
    Any idea what to do?
    Thank you for the article!

  14. Rinnie says:

    Hi does anyone know where I can download mgcamd to run on a dm 000c . ?? Also how to configure it into the files and where’s to place my n line . Any help at all would be greatly appreciated . I’ve seen guides on s version not a noobs guide on c version of the dm 000c . Anything I can do in return I would . i have already put img on box just don’t know where to download files and where to put them . HELP !! Been at it for over 0 days x

    1. admin says:

      You can download MGCamD and other softcams in the software menu of you Dreambox directly.

      Some info here :
      How to guide: Use Mgcamd with CCcam and Newcs

  15. cardsharing europe 000 says:

    Hey’I think that the fastest cccam servers are those from cardsharing.world,and they also provide free cccam test.But tis is just my opinion.

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